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Garment Care

All Fenmoor products are made in England.


Fenmoor garments are made of natural fibres and are delivered folded which may cause some temporary creasing.

With natural fibres creases drop out after a few hours therefore we supply a Fenmoor hanger to hang your garment before wear.

We recommend you hang garments at room temperature for two to three hours before first and subsequent wear.


All Tweed Garments are Dry-Clean only.

Wax Garments MUST NOT be Dry-Cleaned but may be lightly sponged with cold water to remove marks.

Do not use soaps or detergents.

Hang to dry at normal room temperature.


Tweed garments should retain their quality of finish through five dry-cleaning cycles and are guaranteed by Fenmoor for this.

Wax garments will require re- waxing every twelve months or so.

Fenmoor offers re- waxing products, please visit Accessories.


Machine wash at 30°.

Do not dry clean.

Do not tumble try.

Do not iron.


Fenmoor recommend that embroidered designs are not added to the breast pocket position of a Tweed or Wax garment as this damages the weather-proofing of the garment.

Quilted garments may, however, be embroidered in this position.

This is because Fenmoor use embroidery, which produces superior, high quality results, but naturally requires the use of needles to penetrate the garment fabric.

As an alternative, some customers position their logo on either the collar or pocket of the Tweed or Wax garments.

Should you wish to proceed with another position then we will happily meet your requirements although naturally Fenmoor will not guarantee the waterproofing of the garment in these circumstances.


If you require further assistance then please Contact Us