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Waxed Cotton Dressing
£9.99 (Excludes Delivery)

Product Overview

Fabsil Waxed Cotton Dressing is the ideal product for restoring the appearance and functionality of all types of wax cotton clothing.

It is simple to apply, restoring water repellency to your Fenmoor Wax garments.

Each tin contains 180gm of dressing.

Suitable for UK or international supply.

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Product Detail

To use:

1. Wipe over garment with a clean, damp cloth and then allow to dry naturally before re-proofing.

2. Apply wax evenly with a soft cloth.

3. Allow garment to dry naturally before use. 


Fenmoor garments are designed for outerwear, and are normally worn over other clothing layers. Our garments are therefore intended to have extra room for comfortable outer-wearing and are sized accordingly. If you are in any doubt then please contact us at:

How to use the Size Checker

  1. Take a favourite jacket of your own, measured when lying flat, and record measurements A, B, and C, in centimetres (see illustration above).
  2. Slide the sliders to the left so that they show the same values as the measurements taken from the jacket.
  3. Your recommended size will be displayed below the sliders.

Size Checker

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Measurement B (75 cm)

Measurement C (75 cm)

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  • Waxed Cotton Dressing